Breast Surgery Procedures

It is Dr. Sellers’ specialty to produce beautiful, natural looking breasts through superb surgical procedures. For those seeking breast surgery in Sydney, our clinic is home to a team of dedicated specialists that produce quality results with great attention to the comfort and satisfaction of each client. We are dedicated in helping you to achieve a look that fits your lifestyle and desired type of beauty.

We have more than 10 years’ experience in the field of breast augmentation, so each patient receives their individual, expert consultation, surgery, and post-operative support. Either Dr. Sellars or any member of our highly qualified team of professionals will be on-hand to deal with questions, comments, or concerns before, during, and after the procedure. Know that you are never alone when it comes to making decisions, since we will be there to support you and monitor progress in all aspects of your time with us.

Your comfort is one of our major priorities, and it is our hope that you develop a lasting relationship with us, based on mutual trust and a commitment to supporting you in becoming the best you can be. Many of our clients can attest to the precision and care shown by Dr. Sellars and his team. Countless women are ready to give testimony to his skill and regard in providing excellent breast enhancement services.

It is our wish to be more than just regular medical practitioners. We aim to be your partners in beauty, giving you the self-confidence and means to step out of the shadows and into the light. We are always pleased to receive any form of questions, comments, and suggestions from our clients. Feel free to approach us anytime you need clarification regarding our information or procedures, or wish to be more enlightened regarding the factors involved in breast augmentation.

Dr Sellars is a Specialist in the Following Breast Surgery Procedures

breast enlargement surgery sydneyBreast Enlargement

Increasing the size of your breasts for optimal body shaping.

breast reduction surgery sydneyBreast Reduction

Reduce breast size for more comfortable, manageable breasts.


breast lift suregry sudneyBreast Lift

Bring back what nature gave you in the first place and revitalise saggy or droopy breasts.


Dr Sellars prides himself in keeping up to date with the latest information and technology to provide his patients with the highest levels of care.

He has recently introduced into his clinic the latest 3D breast simulation software. This will allow you to get a picture of expected outcomes from your breast surgery. and you will be able to view different breast size and shape options. You will be able to get a visual of your new body in 3D before surgery.

Dr Sellars is also at the leading edge of breast surgery information. As the current president of the NSW chapter of the Australian Society of Plastic Surgeons, Dr Sellars is present at all conventions. He is also the supervisor of plastic surgery training at Sydney Adventist Hospital and participates in the training of future plastic surgeons in NSW.

Dr Sellars is also on the Medical Advisory Committee at the SAN Hospital.

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