Breast Surgery FAQ’s

Once you start your search for choosing the right surgeon, you may have lots of questions, or you might be unsure where to begin or what to actually ask? Surgery can seem quite intimidating at times, and so it is important you become comfortable with the procedures and the pre and post-operative support.

You need to consider many things when making an important decision like this. You will want to know important information about your surgeon, their credentials, skills, and of course experience.

Outlined below are a number of questions that we have compiled from many of Dr Sellars patients. It is important that you get your questions answered before going forward with any breast surgery procedure.

Q. Do I need to have a GP referral?

No. It is not necessary to have a GP referral but it can help as if can provide your surgeon with some of your medical history. The only time it is necessary is if your procedure is claimable by medicare. In some instances, you may be allowed to claim your consultation fee, and once again a referral will be required.

Q. Are you a certified Plastic Surgeon?

Dr Sellars is a fully certified plastic surgeon obtaining his fellowship in 2001 with the Royal Australasian College of Surgeons. He is currently the president of the Australian Society of Plastic Surgeons NSW and is a member of numerous other leading societies and organisations.

Q. What, if any, are the risks involved with Breast surgery?

Risks are involved in any surgery. It is vital that you discuss all the possible risks and associated complications of your surgery with your surgeon prior to committing to any procedures. We prefer that you have all the information you need to make an informed decision regarding your breast surgery options.

Q. How many breast surgery procedures like mine have you completed?

Dr Sellars will be happy to take you through his experience for your particular procedure personally and will do this at your consultation.

Q. Where will I go for my procedure?

Your surgery can be performed in a private hospital or in a day procedure centre which is a State Health registered Department and is Australian Council of Health Care Standards accredited.

Q. Will anaesthesia be used for my procedures?

This will be discussed with you at your consultation and we will go through all the available options and review your medical history to ensure we opt for the best option for you.

Q. Will I need any follow-ups after my surgery?

Yes. You will be required to have follow-up consultations but this will vary according to the procedures that you have had. Dr Sellars closely follows your progress and you are free to contact the clinic if you have any questions or concerns.

Q. Am I required to get a second opinion?

This is up to you and how you feel after your consultation with Dr Sellars. You are, of course, entitled to seek a second opinion if you do not feel comfortable with either your surgeon, their procedural suggestions or their experience. What is most important is that you feel comfortable with the whole process.

Q. Do I have PIP breast implants?

Dr Sellars has never used PIP implants in any of his patients. If you are unsure you should check with the doctor who performed your surgery.

Q. What is the problem with PIP implants?

The French company PIP  had their implants withdrawn from the market in 2010. They had begun using cheaper, less stable industrial grade silicone rather than the more stable medical grade. This increased the chance of rupture of the implants.

The less stable gel could leak into the tissues around the breast causing benign lumpiness known as “granulomas”. It is not life threatening. It is estimated to affect around 5000 Australian women.

Q. What should I do if I have PIP implants?

See the doctor who performed your surgery to have them checked. A clinical examination as well as an ultrasound would be appropriate. In some cases they may need to be removed or replaced.

Dr Sellars would be happy to see you if you are unable to see your treating doctor or if you had them put in overseas.

If you have any further questions, feel free to contact our office today on O2 9473 8577 and speak directly to one of our friendly staff or send us a message.

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