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Dr Sellars Approach to Breast Reduction

breast reduction sydneyBreast reduction is a procedure whereby very large breasts are reshaped to improve the satisfaction and well being of the client.

Breast reduction surgery is also known as Reduction Mammaplasty, and it basically involves theĀ  reduction of breast volume, making breasts smaller, firmer and more in proportion with your body.

I have completed many breast reduction procedures helping women achieve greater physical comfort and improved self confidence, whilst creating natural looking breast shape and symmetry.

Please call our office to book a personal consultation, where I can answer all of your questions and provide personalised advice on your breast reduction options.

Breast Reduction Before & After Photos

Common Reasons for Considering Breast Reduction Surgery

Excessive size and weight in breasts can contribute to a range of medical issues that lead to discomfort and loss of personal confidence. These include neck and back pain, problems with posture, skin irritations and shoulder indentations from bra straps.

Additionally, large breasts sometimes create a feeling of self-consciousness which can create both mental and physical stresses. Sporting activities and other strenuous physical activities can become difficult to participate in.

Preparing for Breast Reduction Surgery

Prior to breast reduction surgery it is important to have a breast examination, and review of any breast history. In certain circumstances and for older patients a mammogram may be obtained.

Time will be taken to show photos of other patients who have had similar surgery, and provide background information materials. This is so that you can be fully informed, and have a realistic understanding of the expected results.

A minimum of 2 consultations is usually involved, and a range of areas will be discussed during your consultations. These will include breast size, breast shape, and estimated cup size, along with nipple and areola positioning.

Breast Reduction Surgery Information

Breast reduction surgery is performed under a general anaesthetic, and the procedure usually takes around 3 hours. Patients will usually stay in hospital for 1-2 nights post surgery.

Generally between 600g and 800g of tissue is removed from each breast during the operation. This is done through the removal skin, glandular tissue and fat, creating breasts with a smaller, lighter and more shapely form.

There are several different techniques for breast reduction surgery, and these will be discussed in more detail during your consultation with Dr Sellars.

Breast Reduction Post Operative Recovery

After undergoing breast reduction surgery you will be required to stay away from heavy lifting for 10-14 days, and only engage in light activities. usually it will be possible to return to work and drive a vehicle again with 2 weeks of surgery.

It is possible the final shape of your breasts will not be achieved until 3-6 months after completing surgery shape, once the breasts have had time to settle.

Generally breast reduction surgery does not cause significant post operative pain. There may be some initial post operative pain and then discomfort for a week or so, but this is usually handled with minimal reliance on pain relief medication.

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